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Powerful. Precise. Safe. With almighty AI-Optic-designed Artificial Intelligence, AI-Optic is the most accurate vision screening machine of its kind. Capable of detecting early signs of refractive disorders such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. All at an incredible value.

Hello, I am AI-Optic

Precision of AI.

AI-Optic is the world's first vision screening machine built entirely on Artificial Intelligence.

AI-Optic combines infrared photorefraction with the deep learning algorithm of AI. That makes AI-Optic the most accurate handheld vision screener on the planet. Twice as precise when compared to other handheld vision screeners and as reliable as large desktop devices.

Revolution in technology.
Revolution in pricing.

The preceding generation of eye screeners use outdated image processing algorithms - they compare captured eye images with previously stored ones, looking for similarities. That requires a large internal database and costly CPUs with massive computing power. Making them expensive to manufacture.


AI-Optic uses cloud-based AI and deep learning algorithms to process eye scans. By uploading images to the cloud server for computing and using one powerful central computer built around Artificial Intelligence, AI-Optic eliminates the need for built-in image computing hardware. That means our vision screening machine ensures more accurate eye test results without expensive internal CPUs or expansive internal databases.


All that innovation results in fewer moving parts, a more compact design, and significantly reduced production price, making AI-Optic 200% more accurate and 90% cheaper compared to other vision screeners.

As portable as it is powerful.

AI-Optic is designed to take full advantage of cloud-based AI, eliminating the need for outdated image processing hardware. That makes AI-Optic not only the most affordable vision screening device of its kind but also lightweight and easily portable.

Lightweight and easy to carry. AI-Optic makes eye exams more accessible for people living in rural areas or with disabilities.

Not just for medical professionals. For all.

Whether you’re a teacher, school nurse, pediatrician, optometrist, or simply a parent worried about your child's eyesight, with our vision screening equipment, you can effortlessly perform a reliable eyesight check-up virtually in any setting—home, school, or clinic.

AI-Optic machine is designed to make high-quality eye tests easy.

Superior patient comfort.

No bright light.
No miosis. No glare.

Most spot vision screeners obtain refractive state images by flashing bright light into the patient's eye. That causes glare as well as miosis, making the procedure prone to errors and uncomfortable for patients. Infrared light, used by AI-Optic, eliminates all that.


The complete scan takes just seconds, and it is done at a one-meter distance. 

For young.
And younger.

The purpose of an AI-OPTIC Vision Screener  is to empower Pediatricians and School nurses to detect the most prevalent vision disorders in children as early as possible.

How AI-Optic works?

AI-Optic scans the retina, the light-sensitive tissue that lines the back of the eye, by projecting infrared light into the eye. The infrared light travels through the cornea, pupil, and lens of the eye before bouncing off the retina and returning to the sensor in the vision screener. This vision screening machine captures the reflected image and uploads it to a cloud server. Where, in turn, a powerful artificial intelligence carefully analyzes it for any refractive errors. The results will be returned almost instantly.

Twice as accurate as other handheld vision screeners.

Independent testers compared AI-Optic with several handheld vision screeners, including current market leader Vision Screener. While the current best-selling vision screener had an average detection error of ±50-100 degrees (±0.50D~±1.00D), depending on the severity of the eye condition, then AI-Optic landed between ±26-29 degrees (0.26D~0.29D) and remained below ±50 degrees (±0.50D) even in most extreme cases.

As accurate as
desktop refractometers.

Independent testers compared AI-Optic to desktop refractometer, which is used in most eye hospitals. Desktop refractometer's average detection error for myopia and hyperopia was ±25 degrees (±0.25D) while our vision screening machine averaged around ±26 degrees (±0.26D). That makes the two completely equal.

Here's the important stuff. In detail.

Spherical power -8.00D to +8.00D (±0.25D)

Cylindrical power -3.5D to +3.50D (±0.25D)

Axis 0-180°

Measuring distance 100cm (±5cm)

Measurement time <15 seconds

Data transmission WiFi 6, 802.11ax

Display 7-inch, 1080P, LCD touch screen

Charging port USB 3.0

Power adapter (input) 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 35VA

Charger (output) 5V, 2A

Battery life 5 hours


AI-Optic is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. 

Recycled and renewable materials already make up more than 50%.


As for the shell materials and packaging of our products,we also use only completely recyclable medical-grade ABS,with a firm "NO" to harmful metals and chemicals.

Dedicated Tripod. Another reason to go with AI-Optic.

AI-Optic's tripod is designed to reduce your workload and give you more freedom. Perfect when performing multiple eye scans in a row.

Every vision screening machine comes with a free tripod ($59 value).

Quick and effortless setup. 

Advanced ball head and dedicated AI-Optic mount, all there to get you up and running in no time.

Lightweight and packs small, ready to go wherever you go.

Easy to carry around.

Tripod's ultrastable build eliminates even the slightest motion and ensures the highest scan accuracy.

More stability. More control. More precision. 

We are not neutral when it comes to being neutral.

If your vision screening machine has passed its useful life, return it to us. No matter the state or condition. We recycle it for free.

It's not the end. It's the new beginning.



Tutorial Video: Getting Started with AI-Optic

Watch this easy-to-follow instructional video to get to know your AI-Optic and get the most out of it.

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