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The world's first vision screener

built entirely on Artificial Intelligence.

Get 200% more accurate results. Pay 90% less.

The future of optic image processing is here.

Superintelligent eye screener. With superpowerful AI.

AI-Optic combines infrared photorefraction with the Deep Learning Algorithm of Artificial Intelligence. Taking eye scans to a whole new level.




Maximum precision.200% more accurate.


Artificial Intelligence makes AI-Optic the most accurate handheld autorefractor on the planet. Twice as precise when compared to other handheld vision screeners. Capable of measuring up to desktop devices.

Minimum price.Pay 90% less.


AI completely redefines what an eye screener is and how it is manufactured, reducing production costs dramatically. Our AI eye screener costs 90% less than other handheld vision screeners.


Next level patient comfort.


No unpleasant flashes of bright light. AI-Optic uses harmless, invisible infrared light to screen the eyes. Plus, the whole eye scan takes just seconds and is done from a 1 meter (3.3 foot) distance.

A mere push of a button completes the whole eye health test and collects refractive state data for both eyes, including sphere and cylindrical values, as well as the pupillary distance.


Entire eye scan with a push of a button.


This AI eye screener requires no maintenance or calibration. Simply store AI-Optic in its original box when you are not using it and you are all set


No maintenance. No calibration.


We designed the AI eye screener with your and your patient's privacy in mind. There is no need to insert private personal data and all captured eye images are used for computing results only and will not be stored.


Put your mind at ease.

AI-Optic meets all applicable safety regulations and is on par with standards set for medical vision assessment screeners. The AI eye screener passed every independent safety test and is fully certified for use.


Safe for users and patients.


AI-Optic comes with an easy-to-follow tutorial video to make setup quick and using effortless.


Free tutorial video.



LCD touch screen

5 hours of

battery life

USB charging port

100-240V, 50/60Hz

WIFI IEEE802.11b/g/n/


Every pre-ordered AI-Optic comes with a free tripod ($59 value).

AI-Optic's tripod is designed to reduce your workload and give you more freedom. Its advanced ball head and dedicated mount make setup quick and effortless, while its ultra-stable build eliminates even the slightest motion and ensures the highest scan precision.

Pre-order your AI-Optic today and get a free tripod!


①These data were obtained by AI-OPTIC laboratory and compared with similar visual screeners available at the same time. Specific use of different conditions may produce relevant errors.

②Compared with the average price of the same vision screening instrument by market research. Specifically, there will be a little error due to actual market changes.

③Data were obtained from AI-OPTIC laboratory test. In actual use, errors may occur because of the environment and network conditions. The actual use prevails.

Why Choose AI-Optic — AI Eye Screener

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who can use the AI eye screener?

       Our AI-based eye screener is not just for medical professionals. It is designed to make a basic vision assessment test for adults from all walks of life.   

       This includes
               ●    Teacher
               ●    School nurse

               ●    Pediatrician 

               ●    Optometrist 

      Easy to use, you can expect 200% more accurate eye test results. Do not think, rethink and order now! 


Q2. Why should I choose AI-Optic?


       There are a lot of reasons to choose AI-Optic.

              ●    World's first vision screener built entirely on Artificial Intelligence

              ●    Compact and smart design
              ●    200% more accurate as compared to other eyesight screeners
              ●    90% cheaper compared to other vision screeners

              ●    Lightweight

              ●    Whether a pediatrician, adult, kid or school nurse, anyone can use it

              ●    Easy to carry and use so you can test your own eyesight

              ●    Detects eye problems like short-sightedness, retinopathy, and hyperopia

              ●    Fully-certified and safe to use
              ●    Reduces risk of other eye vision problems

              ●    Automated vision screening 

              ●    Performs the whole eyesight health test and collects refractive state data

              ●     Superior patient comfort

              ●     Quick contactless

              ●     No bright light

              ●    Easy maintenance 

              ●    Unparalleled privacy

              ●    5-hours of battery life


 Q3. Which eye problems can AI-Optic detect?

      Our AI eye screener can detect and reduce the risk of many vision problems like

              ●    Short-sightedness
              ●    Retinopathy
              ●    Hyperopia

              ●    Astigmatism


Q4. Is AI-Optic portable?

      Yes. AI-Optic is a portable AI eye screener. It is lightweight and easy to carry around, thus making a basic eye vision assessment test more accessible for        people living in rural areas or with disabilities. 


Q5. How does AI-Optic work?

      AI-Optic is the world’s first vision screener based on Artificial Intelligence that uses harmless infrared light to scan the retina— a light-sensitive layer of       tissue back of the eye.

      The working process is very simple.

           ●    The infrared light travels through different parts of the eye, reaches the retina and returns to the sensor in the vision screener

           ●    AI-Optic records the reflected image and uploads it to a cloud server

           ●    Artificial Intelligence analyzes the image for any refractive errors

           ●    The results are displayed instantly

Q6. How accurate is AI-Optic?

       AI-Optic is one of the most accurate eye screeners on the market. It is based on cloud-based Artificial Intelligence and deep learning algorithms to       screen eye vision. 

       It doesn't require built-in image  computing hardware. That makes it 200% more accurate than other vision screeners